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Here are the releases we've been putting out on the Mololotov label these last couple of years

Distribution will now be handled by Turgid animal records

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Oppenheimer - molotov 27
More free-skronk/noise rock/wtf from Oppenheimer
Oppenheimer -molotov 26
Four more furious and diverse tracks from the collective
Culver "Angel Obsolete" - molotov 25
More truth and beauty from Lee Stokoe
Haikai no Ku -"Blood Sunset" - molotov 24
Dark, psyschedelic Japan-worship from Mike Vest and cohorts
Xazzaz- "Kin" - molotov 23
23 minute dark and heavy track
Gigantmæcg - Bone and Steel - molotov 22
First release from this unit - raw, real drums and heavy, hypnotic noise and guitars...a monster
Mutant Ape - Where The Geese Dwell - molotov 21
Molotov is proud to present four new tracks from the esteemed Mutant Ape...bleak, intelligent and honest noise music, a must for all lovers of this kind of thing. Red card packaging, hand coloured lettering...home-made and brutal
Xazzaz - molotov 20
Subtle self-feedback piece, 32 minutes
Molotov 19 - Xazzaz : Smoke Jaguar/Ghost Wolf

01 - Smoke Jaguar (07:14)

02 - Ghost Wolf (16:11)

Unique hand-printed sleeves, a special release

Molotov 18 - Culver + La Mancha del Pecado

Collaboration II


01 - Graveyard Kiss (15:42)

02- Funeral in Black (26:17)


Two subtle and sinister pieces from Culver, further mutated by La Mancha del Pecado

Cover artwork by Leigh Pearson



Molotov 17- La Mancha del Pecado/Xazzaz

La Fetichista (tape/cdr)


Molotov is proud to present the first split release with Agorafobia Tapes

Two lovely pieces from Miguel... subtle and menacing:

La Fetichista (10:59)

En el Aula (graduados) (9:56)

...and from Xazzaz

Cold Thanatos (24:19)

cdr sleeves
some views of the tape version
Molotov 16 - Xazzaz (no title Cdr)
Two hypnotic drone-based pieces, hand silk-screened sleeves
(Short sample of track 1)
Molotov 15 - Xazzaz (no title Cdr)
Four tracks in a heavy, dark vein
(Short sample of track 1)
Molotov 14 Culver-Cherry Vampire (cdr)
Subtle, masterful drone based piece from Culver

Molotov 13 Xazzaz - Black Hearts and Brittle Bones

(Cdr 13 minutes)

13 minutes, almost delicate at points...acetate sleeve
Molotov 12 Oppenheimer -Tests/Consequences
(Short sample of track 2)
Molotov 11 Xazzaz - Obit
Heaviest yet.....
Obit (sample mp3)
Molotov 10 - I, Torquemada - Asesinato Total

Cdr limited to 66 copies

"Too harsh man...like having your arm ripped off" - Pete (Marzuran/End Now/ Corpse Fuckers)

58 minutes - purity and persecution
(sample mp3)
Molotov 09

Fucking Amateurs conceived Funeral Dance Party tribute - Wrest, Xazzaz and others...

Also available from Martin at Fucking Amateurs

Molotov 08
12" Vinyl release with Fucking Amateurs - only a few left
Molotov 07

Limited Cdr

01 Another Lesson Learnt

02 Rise Up (New Breed)

Classic performance at the Star and Shadow from Wrest (sold out)
Molotov 06 Xazzaz - Ravens' Milk (tape/cdr)
Ravens' Milk cdr cover
Ravens Milk Tape cover
Molotov 05 -Xazzaz - Murphy (tape/cdr)
2 long heavy drone tracks
Murphy Tape cover
Molotov 04 - Xazzaz (S/T)-cdr

"Cycles of guitar-feedback squalls threaded through busted speaker drones and layered ad infinitum, this low-key debut (sic) release by the North East of England's Xazzaz is mean-spirited and self-interested post-rock. Sounding like Nicholas Cage's last remaining nerve that's been ran from contact mic to water-damaged amplifier, these six untitled tracks encourage a sense of "fuck off" that's unspoken but very clear. It's like listening to someone melting their entire Sunn0))) collection after dowsing it with piss. Great. (4/5) -Scott McKeating Zero Tolerance

(With apologies to fans of Sunn0)) - who I love...and anyone who listens to Post-Rock (?))

(Short sample of track2)
Promo giveaway cds from first solo gig
Molotov 03


Mixer feedback, convoluted drones and heaviness

01 A Slippery feast

02 Don't call me a fucking robot

03 Boots of lead

04 Where's Mommy?



Don't call me a fucking robot (sample) mp.3
Molotov 02 Xazzaz - 13 (tape/cdr)
While you were sleeping (edit) mp3
Molotov 01 Xazzaz - 2008 Demos (tape/cdr)
Track VII sample mp3


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